Company Philosophy

Our mission at HDI is to provide value beyond expectation and joy beyond imagination. We strive to nurture, enhance, and build a brand that is trusted by customers, without forgetting the community values in place since the company's formation.



Honesty and Trust

HDI values the honesty from customers, investors, shareholders, employees and the communities and laws that surround us. Honesty is true, sincere, and can only be achieved by clearly declaring execution, taking responsibility for the results, and fulfilling accountability. We believe that honesty embodied by this series of execution processes forms the intangible and infinite asset of trust. We do not pursue profits by bending this honesty, but aim to be a company that is recognized as noble and virtuous and has the highest level of trust from our stakeholders.



HDI emphasizes originality as a company, sticks to its own philosophy, always pursuing unique projects and concepts. Originality is a distinctive characteristic that can be cultivated within business to provide services that are truly appreciated by customers. We believe that this originality, nurtured by a willingness to be flexibile, and to create implement ourselves, leads to a a free and strong corporate culture. We aim to be a company that can continue to impress our stakeholders with this mindset.



For Our Customers

HDI is a company that provides services which exceed customer expectations in order to continue to be recognized and selected as their partner of choice. In order to achieve this, we will always try to understand deeply from the customer's standpoint, and strive to provide value-added services and high-quality services in consideration of risks, based on the spirit of compliance in all business processes. In addition, we will continue refine our high level of expertise and actively pursue advanced technologies.


For the Society that Surrounds Us

HDI is aware of its responsibilities as a company and strives to promote fair and free transactions, which in turn contribute to economic growth through business. We believe that realizing our vision is the greatest contribution we can make to society. We want to contribute to the Tokyo metropolitan area and will always ensure that the properties we create do so, always in compliance with laws and regulations inand ethical standards in place.